Governing Bodies – Corporate Information

PANASEF is the national Business Association that represents and defends the common interests of funeral service and cemetery Companies.

Founded in the early nineties, PANASEF’s headquarters is located in Madrid at 6 Gran Vía Madrileña (IBERCENTER Business Centre).

Members of PANASEF may be any individual or legal entity providing professional services and arrangements related to death which are specific to the funeral industry or burial and/or cremation services. This means that funeral service companies as well as cemetery and/or cremation service companies, whether public or private, belong to PANASEF.

The governing bodies of PANASEF are:

The General Assembly

The General Assembly of PANASEF is the highest body of the Association and consists of all associates that are up-to-date with their fee and contribution payments.

Today, 500 funeral service and/or cemetery companies are associated with PANASEF, including the country’s leaders in terms of the number of services provided as well as human and material resources.

The Governing Board

The Governing Board of PANASEF provides full leadership and representation of the Association in the fulfillment of the Association’s own purposes.

It is formed by a total of twenty members –with representation from all of Spain’s Autonomous Communities– who are elected by the General Assembly by a free and secret vote in which all associates participate.  The term of office of the Governing Board is four years and is renewed every four years.

It includes the:

  • President
    Mr. Alberto Ortiz Jover

  • Vice President
    Mr. Juan José López Vivas

  • Vice President
    Mr. Juan Jesús Domingo Ramírez

  • Vice President
    Mr. Josep María Mons Gallifa

  • Vice President
    Mr. Francisco Enríquez San Nicolás

  • Treasurer
    Mr. Josep Romero Sanchez

  • Secretary
    Mr. Alfredo Gosálvez de la Macorra

  • Chairpersons
    Mr. D. Josep Ventura Ustrell
    Mr. Francisco Ruiz Calzada
    Ms. Diana Aznar Garrido
    Mr. Juan Rodríguez García
    Mr. Jordi Viñas Costa
    Mr. Miguel Brotons Cano
    Mr. José M. Canto García
    Mr. José Luis Varela Tabares
    Ms. Lorena Sánchez Garraza
    Mr. Fernando Guntiñas Solbes
    Ms. Silvia Ramis Raubert
    Mr. Miguel Gomila Ginard
    Mr. Fernando Sánchez González
    Mr. Javier Fano Herrero